Repurposed Valentines Day door hanger

Boy if you watched this Facebook LIVE with me the other day you had some major laughs with me!! I was on a roll making a super cute door hanger……..glueing the pieces all together and BAM! I glued it right on to the table. haha I know I am not the only one to do this silly-ness but boy does it make it worst when you are recording a video. THANK you to everyone for sharing your funny stories with me after… took some of the embarrassment away for sure.

Let’s talk about this adorable door hanger. I found this at Family Dollar over in their Valentines stuff. I loved the concept of it but as you all know I am not a HUGE Valentines fan with all the red and glitter- so I wanted to take it down a bit and make it more farmhouse like. Here is what it looked like to start with. The only difference is it had a red ribbon behind the hearts. (I forgot to take a pic at the very beginning)

Here is what you will need to make your own door hanger.
* Door Hanger- found at Family Dollar
* Scrapbook paper
*Modge Podge
*Ribbon- I used 3 or 4 different ones

The first thing we did was trace the hearts on to the scrapbook paper. It has scalloped edges so this took a little longer to trace and cut. You most def could use pinking sheers to speed up the process is you want. I decided to do 2 of my 5 hearts with buffalo check…….because WHY NOT?? Love me some buffalo check! Once cut out you attach them to the side without glitter with modge podge. This dries very quick.

Next up is laying it back down on the ribbon. For the back ribbon I wanted something thick that would really hold my hearts straight. I picked out this cute cute ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby. It was great because it almost has a little bit of starch in it so it was much sturdier than regular ribbon. It made the perfect base for this door hanger!

I just hot glued the hearts onto the ribbon centering them as I went. This is where you have to be careful NOT to glue your project to your table! HAHA

Once the hearts were glued down it was time to make it fancy. I punched a hole through the top heart to put a hanger through. Then it was time to make a bow. I used miss Brooke’s Refabbed bow for this. Basically you cut two of every ribbon you want to use and lay this criss-cross tying them all together tightly in the back. It’s fun to add some rafia in the middle to make it have even more character. There is NO wrong way to do this. Make it your own! Most of this ribbon was found right at Dollar General.

You guys thats it! You can totally make this adorable hanger. I know you can and can’t wait for you to share pictures with me. If you want a good laugh make sure to check out the video on the Owl B Crafty facebook page. Oh boy I literally am still laughing about this! One for the books for sure.

Check out how this turned out! I love it and love how EASY it was to make.

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