Buffalo Check Easter Egg Sign

One of the things I love more than anything in this world is finding craft supplies that you bought in abundance from the year before! These little eggs were just that. I got these beauties at Target dollar spot and knew I would find something fun to do with them! Here are the materials that we will be using for this one.

Lets talk about where I got all the materials. The buffalo check paper is from Hobby Lobby. Sign and Easter eggs are from Target. I was telling my friends watching the live last night that this sign was on clearance for $4.24. It was located in the stationary aisle at Target. The paint I used was Apple Barrell paint from Walmart. This paint is awesome and so affordable at 50 cents.

So lets get started! The first thing we did was take my favorite stain and stain this board. This is the Minwax Coffee Color Gel Stain. Here is my affiliated link for it. This is the Gel Stain and you have heard me say how much I adore this stain. I used the one all the way to the right of this picture. The gel doesn’t make quite the mess as the regular stain. I brushed this stain onto the board and then used a rag to wipe it off. It really made a beautiful color.

Next it was time to work on the eggs. I used a total of 5 eggs for this project. I traced 3 of the eggs on the backside of the buffalo check paper and cut those out. The other eggs I mixed the Laguna Beach teal color and the white to make a lighter teal. I painted the two extra eggs this color. I actually put two coats of paint on these. Once these were dried I used a little sandpaper to distress them. Now its time to put it all together!

I centered the eggs on the board and alternated the pattern between buffalo check and teal. I hot glued them in place. Next I made little bows. I call them shoe lace bow because I tied them just like shoelace. I hot glued them in place on the teal eggs. This helped cover up the holes that were on the eggs from the initial twine hanger. Last thing we had to work on was the beaded hanger. I recently got these beads on Amazon and they are so perfect for any craft. Here is the sponsored link for them.

Add block

I tied raffia onto the back on the board and strung about 30 beads onto it. Once the beads were strung I tied the other end onto the board and BOOM its done! This def is one of my favorites. What color would you have painted it? Tell me below!

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