Farmhouse Coat Nook

Well this certainly was a PROJECT! Haha! It wasn’t a hard project…but it did take a bit longer than I expected. There were a lot of steps because I just kept changing my mind. One of those indecisive projects. I know you all have had a project like that before right?!?! I had a certain look I wanted to achieve and was going to get it perfect- even if it did take longer than normal.

As most of you know we bought a new house in the fall. I had previously made something very similar in the old house and just loved it. I knew I wanted to try and recreate it again in this house and found the perfect spot. This is on the way down to the kiddos bedroom, so my vision (which we know doesn’t always happen) is they will hang their backpacks up on their way down to their rooms. I know…enter laughter here! A+ for effort right?

The first thing I did was measure out the space and head to my local Home Depot. I luckily started this project before all the COVID stuff started. I purchased some 1×3 pine boards for the frame piece. I also got a couple of wider pine boards that were rough cut. These were pretty inexpensive and I knew they would be perfect for the look I was looking for. I headed home super excited to get this started!

The first thing we did was measure and cut the frame. I could give you all the measurements but my guess is your space will not be the same size as my space. Basically I cut three longer boards and spaced them evenly. I only have two kids so I did two spaces. You most def could adapt this for more kiddos. Here you can see Mr.Owl B Crafty helping out. A lot of the time I have the vision and he makes the magic happen…and then I paint and finish it up. Team work!

Once framed out we measured the inside pieces. I originally thought I wanted these boards stained. I used my favorite Minwax stain that I tell you guys about all the time. As a reminder I have linked my affiliate link here. Once stained it was time to assembly it all. I screwed all boards in place and then went over the holes with putty. I am sorry I forgot to take a pic of this part. But basically I covered all the holes and sanded them smooth. Next it was time to paint.

I decided to paint over the stained wood so it was all a nice clean look. I knew I wanted to distress the shiplap in the end. This would allow the stain to come through. I ended up doing three coats of the white. Once dried- it was time to distress. I actually used a palm sander for this process. Yes I was inside but it literally took maybe two minutes. It wasn’t too bad at all. At this point we were here in the project (picture below) Oops! I forgot to add that I also painted the top squares a dark grey. I originally thought I would write their names in chalk there.

Once done I knew I wanted to add a special little touch. I had some cute hooks that I found at Home Depot and a Rae Dunn sign that I found at Home Goods the day before they closed. The final touch was these mounted photos that I ordered off Walmart. They most definitely completed this project. Not only do they know where to hang their stuff but it also added a little personalization to our house. What do you guys think? Please let me know if you have any questions!

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